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Wilma Jordan


Birthday: March 28

Location: Pasadena, California

Something Interesting

Wilma has known AMI almost from the very beginning. It was her son Ronald Jordan, who first came in touch with AMI. He was a fiery prophet in preparation back then and when he came across the Prophetic School, he asked her permission to join. Well, needless to say that she granted his request.

Wilma was a bit suspicious of how her son kept changing through this training. So she said, I have to meet these people as well. Ever since then, she has been a vital part and has always supported AMI faithfully. 

She has a burning desire to see the correct pattern established in the church. She especially burns to see the mystery about finances and the church cleared up so that the Body of Christ might finally rise up as one in that area! 

Wilma is definitely a go-getter and she will not shy back to tell you the truth. Thus, the Lord is preparing her even now to rise up as a leader and to go forth to speak this truth in His time and in His power.


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