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You can pick up a book on theology and doctrine, but what I always found a real challenge was understanding the "nitty gritty" of ministry. So in this edition I hope to share some of my own experience with you.

Each time I put together one of the Watering Hole series, you can be sure that it is something I have lived. So if after going through its pages you start experiencing some of what you find in there, consider yourself just part of this crazy family.

When Craig and I took the load of AMI alone for the first time, we looked at the immense responsibility and wondered how we would accomplish everything that God had called us to do.

As you have joined your hearts to ours, we are seeing that vision come to pass. There is a reason that the Church is referred to as a family or a Body – God never intended us to fight our battles alone. He called us to take the land together.

So as this new edition challenges you, realize that it is also arming and preparing you. We are blessed to have you on board and we cannot wait to see the exciting things that are still ahead of us.

Until next time, we leave you with our love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Team Leaders
Apostolic Movement International


Here is the link for your Watering Hole. Enjoy!

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