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Each time I send one of these out, I am asked by all our partners what took me so long.

When we first started publishing the Watering Hole, I thought it was a really nifty idea. Simply teach what I have learned and hand it out.

The teaching part was easy. The living part has turned out to be something else altogether. One thing that I have stuck to with every publication though is to keep the level at something every leader lives at one time or another.

I can point you to many of our teachings that cover practical Christian living, but I wanted to try and bring the realities of leadership to the fore. I wanted you to nod your head each time you turned a page. If you do not fully identify with everything I have written in this edition, do not worry will soon enough!

I can only hope we can be there for you to help you through this leadership walk. If you have had a rough month, with pressure on every side, I will not humor you with lip service. Instead I will only say ...WE UNDERSTAND!

Hang in there and know that the storms can only blow for so long. Soon the skies will open and the sun will stream through again.

When the winds have died down and you have had time to catch your breath, you will see Craig and I sailing right alongside you. We got your back.

We look forward to another good month with you. Come on, let's take the land together shall we?

Love and Blessings,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Team Leaders
Apostolic Movement International

Here is the link to your fourth edition of The Watering Hole (enjoy):

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