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I really poured my heart into this edition of the Watering Hole and I pray that the words sink deep into your spirit. One thing you can be sure of- each article is lived! And yes ...I was also one of those on my hands and knees fighting those monstrous stone floors! (Check out the article entitled: Your Leadership Foundation)

Craig and I also want to take a quick moment to thank you for always being so faithful with your contributions each month. You are such a blessing to us and they always come at just the right time.

As always things have been rather crazy at the center, but we are never too busy if you need us. We are a call or an e-mail away!

Well I will not keep you. Go ahead and click on the link below! I am sure that there is plenty there that the Lord wants to show you.

Love and Blessings,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Team Leaders
Apostolic Movement International

Here is the link to your third edition of The Watering Hole (enjoy):

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