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Ueli and Esther Schär



Ueli: October 30

Esther: April 18

Location: Switzerland

Something Interesting

The Schaer Family

Ueli and Esther are from Switzerland and joined AMI just this last year in 2010. The size of this small country would definitely not be an accurate description of who they are. Ueli and Esther have such big hearts in comparison!

They love the Lord with all that they have within them. They serve Him wherever and whenever they can. They serve the Lord just as they are: simple but with a whole lot of passion. They burn to take the truth that they have received and just feed it to everyone they meet. 

They tend to a very busy farm and so you can imagine how much work they have on their hands each day. Apart from that, they also have four kids. So there is a whole lot going on each day for them. Nevertheless, they always pour out where they can and stand as mighty bright lights in the darkness!

Latest News

Currently working through the Way of Blessing, they have a hunger to show others the truth as well. During our last seminar, the Lord showed Ueli the importance of the Word and Esther the power of being a true pastor. Since then, the Holy Spirit has been training and shaping them. They continue to be in touch with our other partners in Switzerland where they are a source of joy and blessing to everyone.

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