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Rahel: 26 May

Thomas: 2 October


San Diego, California

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Thomas and Rahel have both come a very long way in their journey into full time ministry. Originally from Switzerland, Thomas first met Apostles Craig and Colette Toach in 2003 where he became actively involved at the ministry.

Still single at that time, he cried out to the Lord for a wife and the Lord sent Rahel to a ministry conference that all of the leadership were involved in. It was there Rahel met Craig and Colette as well as Thomas.

It was a perfect environment for the Lord to work and it was not long after that, that they were married at AMI Headquarters. 

Now the spiritual children of Craig and Colette, they also continue as part of the ministry Team. The Lord has since blessed them with a son born just a few days before Rahel's birthday in 2011.

Rahel having a pastoral calling is the first to get involved in direct ministry as well as over see our ever abundant Dreams Forum.

Thomas on the other hand is the manager of AMI Bookshop where he puts 100% of his heart into all that he does. Currently in prophetic training, he presses on for more of God.




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