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Ronald: 26 February

Denise: 20 February


San Diego, California

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Ronald and Denise are the longest standing members of the ministry team under Apostles Craig and Colette Toach.

Ronald first stumbled onto the ministry as a teenager, using his pocket money to purchase the prophetic materials he wanted to fulfill his calling. The Lord honored him and some years later he ended up coming and living with the original team for hands on training.

After he qualified, he was sent to Switzerland in a ministry capacity to work with a team there. It was here that he found his wife Denise, who was also involved with the church there at the time.

They returned to Mexico where they were married by Apostle Les D. Crause and they have not looked back since.

Now the spiritual children of Apostles Craig and Colette Toach they carry a heavy responsibility in the ongoing work of the ministry.

When you meet them, they will stand out to you as leaders who are not afraid to serve. Although they both have the authority to stand up and preach under the anointing and to speak on behalf of God, they will also be the first to serve and 'get their hands dirty' to help others.

Leadership is not just something they do, it is something they are. Their humility and their ability to be used of God speaks for itself and has gained the respect of everyone that knows them.

Ronald and Denise both hold Prophetic Office while Denise is in the throes of Apostolic Training. (Ronald holds Teaching and Apostolic Office)

Qualified to train God's leaders, God is also using them to personally mentor and train the prophets that rise up through the ranks of AMI.





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