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Phoupano Khattiyavong and Carson Wong

Birthday (Phoupano): August 1

Location:Fresno, CA

Something Interesting

Phoupano and Carson are a dynamic duo. They flow in all of the fivefold ministries and are called to be trainers that will raise up a mighty army.

From evangelizing to running a homechurch, they continue to do it all. What is outstanding about this pair is their love for God's people. They are pastoral in their approach to ministry, walking it out daily with those that the Lord brings them.

There is no doubt in our minds, that this team has been called to blaze a trail and raise up a banner that has not been seen before.

We are so proud to have them as Friends of AMI.

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from phouphano :

Wow we didn't expect this write up about us. This warmth and show of honor are rare even in the church.We are blessed and look forward to connecting with those who are here.We stand united as one in brotherly love and want to send a blessing to everyone here.

Response from Kathleen :

My husband, Ernie and I are very blessed to have Carson & Sonie as our Mentors & Spiritual Parents. They are truly a blessing to our family. We love them so much and consider them a part of our family.

Thank you Mom & Pop!!!

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