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Philip and Anja Sager



Philip: April 1

Anja: September 29



Berne, Switzerland

Something Interesting

Sager Family

Philip climbed on board when AMI first made its impact in Switzerland. After a few years he managed to get an old aquaintence involved...little did Anja know how much more she was going to get! It did not take long for them to find out that God had arranged the whole thing. Soon they were married and fully involved with AMI.

Having gone through their own phases of training and challenge they are now spiritual children of Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and continue to grow in the things of the Lord. Geared to manage the AMI work in Switzerland the Lord continues to teach and challenge them.

Philip stands in Teaching Office and understands what it means to make the Word your foundation. On the opposite side Anja wields her authority standing in the fullness of Prophetic Office.

Together they are a mighty team in the hands of God.


Latest News

Being passed the "baton" to do the work in Switzerland, Anja and Philip are launching the work there. Currently, they are managing the AMI Bookshop (Europe division) and translating all AMI materials into German, as well as all contacts in that region. 




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Response from Stewart Hoseason-Smith :

Hello Anna and Phillip, Just saying hello and letting you know we are now living in subtropical Rockhampton Queensland. Settled here now for 12months this March 2020
Christ's blessings Stewart

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