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September 7


San Diego, California

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Michele Kaster is what we call part of the "furniture" here at AMI. She has been around since the beginning of this ministry. 

She is actually the first person ever to purchase "The Way of the Prophet series" in VHS format! 

Although she's been around for many years, it was in September of 2011 that the Lord opened up a way for her to join the team. We called her "out of the blue" and invited her for a visit. She has not left since!

This quircky fire cracker keeps things light-hearted here at the San Diego Ministry Center. You can always count on her to dig into some meaty teaching and soaking up new knoweldge. She has a teaching orientation and is currently in pastoral training. 

You can find her working in the AMI Bookshop and answering any of your Bookshop questions. Not only is she a business woman though, she is also a minister at heart. She is a lecturer at AMI Training College as well and keeps watch over many of the students there.

Michele is also a treasured addition to the spiritual family here at AMI and we cannot imagine a day without her.



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