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The Pattern Seminar


13th-15th April 2012

Only those that have truly said the fatal words, "USE ME LORD" understand the price that follows. You start out with a conviction that God has called you, but somewhere along the line you start to wonder. You face so many storms that you begin to think you imagined it all. You start to ask yourself...


  • Should you just be content with the portion that you have?
  • Did you just make it all up?
  • Did you fail God somewhere along the line?


NO! NO! and NO! Now we know that the journey is not always easy, but God did not intend for you to always walk it alone. That is what Craig and I are here for. We are here to give you the hand up that you need.

The time is now for you to identify the spiritual gifts that God has given to you. Not only that, but it is time to learn to use them effectively!

The time is here for you to identify and rise up into your calling! To finally step forward and to get your ministry moving forward.

We have been where you are and want to BE THERE FOR YOU!

Sometimes all you need is that word of confirmation. Other times, you need a prophetic word of release to open the doors in front of you that seem to shut in your face.

Perhaps what you need is someone there with you along this journey so that you can make it to your goal.

We understand what it feels like to flounder. Fortunately for us, we had Apostles Les and Daphne to give us that 'hand up' and now in turn, we want to be there for you.

Well that is what we offering you at this seminar. Teaching, prayer and prophetic release to get you well on your way in your calling!


You have asked God what He wants you to do. You have wondered what the next steps are. Well...are you READY to take those steps now? Consider this your time of visitation and a call to step forward.

The Time has Come For You to Rise Up!

Craig and I invite you not only to our seminar, but also to fulfill your calling and find your place in the Body of Christ.

The "Hot Seat"

Each meeting will be followed by the "Hot Seat" where we will be making ourselves available for personal ministry and prayer to those that attend.



1. Fees and Registration
2. Curriculum
3. Contact and Location

So let me get to the details, so you can move quickly onto registration!

Fee and Registration

There are two fees. The first is to reserve your seat. The second is the actual conference fee due by the time you arrive.

Registration Fee:

$50 per person.


If you intend to come to the Seminar, then you need to pay this fee as soon as possible to reserve your seat. Seats will be given on a a "first come first serve" basis.

Seminar Fee:

To be fully payable on arrival.

Individuals: $50 per person.



Friday Evening Orientation:

Join us for an evening of praise and worship. An orientation that will introduce you to everyone attending.

Identifying Your Ministry Gifts

You have supernatural gifts that God has given to you! You will leave this seminar knowing what they are and how to use them!


Identifying Body Ministries

From the moment you are born again, the Lord will lead you into a Body Ministry. You will identify how God has already used you through the years and what you still need to work on. This is the first step in identifying your calling.

Break for Lunch and Afternoon

The Evangelistic, Teaching and Pastoral Offices

A clear picture of each of these ministries.

  • Do not be surprised to discover that God has likely been using you in these already.
  • Learn to identify these callings in yourself and in others.
  • 'Where to go from here' - Learning to walk your calling out NOW!



The Prophetic and Apostolic Offices

This will not only cover the signs of these callings but also what to do next if you have such a call.

  • Practical tips on where to start if you are called as an Apostle
  • What to expect when the Holy Spirit trains you.
  • How to SURVIVE prophetic and apostolic training.

Start Your Ministry Vision NOW!

Step by step instruction on how to get your ministry moving immediately.

  • Identify your ministry vision.
  • Your first step to get moving.
  • How to get people to follow you.


Names of Attendees

Contact and Location Details

760 466 7679
(8am to 5pm California Time Weekdays Only)



Descanso (Just outside San Diego.)

You can choose to fly to San Diego or to Los Angeles International Airport (San Diego is closer)

Below is a slist of hotels in the region. If you desire to share accomodation with one of the other singles attending, please let us know so that we can put you in touch with someone.

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