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Darnella Melancon 

Birthday: Novemeber 16

Location: Winterhaven, CA

Something Interesting

Darnella is a true shepherd at heart. She desires to see every believer walking in the fullness of God's power and glory and set free from every bondage. She is a Pastor that will lead the flock onto green pastures and see them through to maturity. All those under her are healthy and satisified. 

She is truly a beacon of light that the Lord has called to the forefront. She burns to see strong leadership in the church and is not afraid to go against the grain. Her tenacity is what drew us to her and we look forward to seeing all that the Lord is going to do through her.  


Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Debra M. :

Hi Darnella, may the Lord pour out a special blessing on you for your faithfulness to Him. Welcome aboard!!!

Response from Darnella :

Blessed because of the best! Christ is amazing and I believe in living in the abundance of God's promises. Thank you, AMI, thank you, Debra M.

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