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Cheryl Baxter


Birthday: January 16

Location: Alliance,Ohio


Something Interesting

Cheryl is definitely part of the AMI furniture. Not only has she completed all the courses we have to offer, but she has always been loyal to AMI even after reading everything there is to read. This is definitely one of her most outstanding qualities!

She is the kind of person you can open up to. She has an inviting presence that makes you feel comfortable and cozy. With her you could just sip on a cup of tea all day long and talk and never feel like you had enough. She is a true friend to anyone she meets. Furthermore, she has a faith that is admirable and a love for the Lord that touches every part of her life. 

Cheryl also has a unique talent in writing. She has written a few short stories that were very intriguing. If we maybe nag her a bit more, she will publish some of them on her website!

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